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Programming notes

This page is for working programmers. Notes on how I've configured my development machine, tutorials, book reviews, programming utilities, conference reports, code snippets are the kinds of things I'll be adding over time.

The two programming languages I use the most are C++ and Python, and the platform I develop on the most is Windows NT: version 4, version 5 (aka Windows 2000), version 5.1 (aka Windows XP). Most of what I write will involve them in one way or another.


Attending SIGGRAPH 2005
I've attended several ACM SIGGRAPH conferences, including Los Angeles 2005. For that one, I got to use a media pass. As a "media representative" I got to attend everything the fully paid attendees did, and I got access to even more. Part of the deal for getting the pass was that I write an essay about the conference. This is what I ended up writing.
Personal Bug Tracking with Mantis on Windows
I recently started using Mantis for personal bug tracking. Here's what I did to get it working on windows.
Using Visual Studio .NET
This essay is more of a collection of tips that I've found useful. Experienced users have told me that they've found something useful and new amongst the topics I've covered. This is the essay I wanted to be able to read the day after I installed Visual Studio .NET.
Scipy '02 conference review
Last year I attended a two day scientific Python conference at Caltech, had a great time, and learned a lot. The topics of the conference were Scipy and Numeric. These are Python based projects that are providing an open source alternative to MATLAB. Reg Charney, the editor of Accent, the newsletter of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the ACCU, suggested that I write a review for Accent. I did, and it was published in the October 2002 issue.


Javascript Laboratory
I threw this together so that I could quickly experiment with javascript.
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