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What's New?

October 2016

Added a blog and updated various pages. After making this entry, I don't expect to be updating this page from now on when there's new content available. Just go the to blog to see what's been going on lately.

September 3 2007

Expanded the Erdos' proof section of the primes essay.

August 19 2007

Added FnLn=F2n to the Fibonacci essay.

August 17 2007

Updated, expanded, and added feedback to the large numbers essay.

August 5 2007

Updated and heavily revised the 3*5=15 essay.

August 4 2007

Posted Table proofs.

Added new sections to The Fibonacci numbers revisited.

July 22 2007

Posted There are infinitely many primes.

July 11 2007

Completed The Fibonacci numbers revisited. There's now roughly twice the content that was there when I originally posted the essay four days ago.

July 9 2007

Added the "Alex Stepanov's papers" site to the Links page.

July 8 2007

Added my essay on attending SIGGRAPH 2005.

July 7 2007

Posted a first draft of The Fibonacci numbers revisited. The final sections aren't done, but the draft has been sitting on my hard disk for over a year, so I'm posting this incomplete version to provide myself with motivation to finish the damn thing.

Added Newcomer's Flounder site and Terence Tao's blog to the Links page. Updated existing links, removed some links.

July 6 2007

Changed the look of most pages on this site by getting rid of the side navigation bar.

October 24 2016 Last Updated

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